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Boredom began to conquer my life as I

Looked into the never ending night sky.

Loneliness began to attack my entire being.

I need something to do to become satisfied,

That’s why I took my fully-charged iPOD

And turned it on for my convenience.

I began to press softly the circular pads

Before I played my desired music.


First I listened to Luis Fonsi.

His voice was very sympathizing as well

As the musical instruments playing.

Abrazar la Vida. I began to realize

What is life all about—my purpose

Why I am here on earth.

Embrace your life, says Fonsi,

Even if your life is full of tragedies,

Trials, sorrows. Because of such realizations

I cried to my miserable life—my life

Who needs to be changed.


Melancholia conquers my soul again

As Luis Fonsi serenades my ears.

Because I don’t want to feel the self-pity

About my tragic destiny, I decided

To switch to Carlos Ponce.

La Razón de mi Ser. The reason of my exsistence.

The entire lyrics tickled my ears as Ponce

Delivered it with full of magic.

There, my dreams came to life in an instant.

Fantasies began to tickle my imagination.

While Ponce is singing, I fantasized

How Zuleyka Rivera is romancing me.

Dame Chocolate. I remembered her first

Telenovela called. I dreamt I am the main

Protagonist as the chocolate proprietor;

Sweet, loving, and caring.

The reason of my life is by loving her.


Damn it! I began to feel an erection!


I decided to stop my fantasies and

Imaginations so I went Greek;

That is why Michalis Hatzigiannis

Whispered to my ears.

Den Fevgo, a solemn Greek love song

Began to sprinkle magic to my ears

His voice… bedroom voice makes me

Feel better. My entire being began to

Rest for a while, having peace of mind.

Also I dreamt with my love together

While we are walking at the top of the

Starry skies. There, I began to close my eyes

And sleep to greet the next day of my life.





Copyright 2005 Intraknight


Hindi ko alam ang dahilan

Ng ganito at ng ganyan at ng bawat


May mga bagay na di ko maipaliwanag.

Sadyang binabalot ng misteryosong


Wala akong kinalaman, wala nang



Ngayon tinapos na ang kahapon,

Kahapon na sinisimulang tapusin na nga.

Sino ba talaga ang magpapasya?

Ang dami nila, siya o sila?

Alam ko na ako; oo, ako ang tatapos nito.




Copyright 2005 IntraKnight


Doon, lumuhod at nagdasal

Hinihingi ang matagal nang inaasam

Nasaktan, nasugatan patuloy pang nahihirapan,

Takot ako, pagod na ko

San pa’ko susuot?


Emosyong nawala san ko mahahanap?

Sana’y ikaw na lang ang sagot sa bawat katanungan

Sana’y ikaw ang bubuo sa nabasag kong puso

Oo, ikaw, ikaw na nasa harap ko.

Sa’yo ko ba mahahanap ang nawawalang hinahanap?


Hindi mo ba ito alam?

Hindi mo ba ako kayang samahan

O di kaya’y tulungang lumisan

Sa mundo ng kawalan na gusto ko nang iwasan.



To all newbie writers who are looking for publishers, Anvil Publishing will be the answer to your question. Read some guidelines for publishing taken from the official website of Anvil Publishing (http;//


            Submit a HARD COPY of your manuscript (MS). Always keep the original copy of your work. Do not submit diskettes or other electronic files until the project has been approved.
            We try our best to evaluate all kinds of work, but our publishing program mainly considers the more popular trade genres: self-help, reference, biographies, literary anthologies, cookbooks, inspirational, humor.
            There are no exact criteria for a good piece of work. That’s why we ask help from in-house as well as genre experts and other readers to evaluate the publish ability of a submission. Generally, all evaluation is done at the beginning of a year, when we firm up our publishing line-up.



            We find your book a worthwhile project. We’ll meet with you to discuss a basic BOOK PLAN: the format we think is best suitable for your book, how to design it, how we should edit and refine the text, the general work timetable to follow. After all concerns are settled, we’ll let you sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that stipulates copyright, print runs, royalties, etc.. When this is done, we start working on your manuscript.


Step-by-Step: PRE-PRESS  

1. Encoding
      We expect all submissions to be encoded already: that is, typewritten double-spaced using a word processing computer software. Microsoft Word is the best software for this job.
      Submit to us a hard copy together with an electronic file (in portable media: floppies, ZIPs or CDs) of your MS. If we noted in the evaluation that the work has potential but still needs a little improvement, we send it to an editor/copyeditor.


2. Editing
      From the editor, the MS is sent back for you to see the changes. If you’re amenable to the changes, then we go straight to the next step. Otherwise, the editor and Anvil will meet with you to discuss how we can all agree on the changes to come out with a well-oiled piece.


3. Design
      The edited manuscript goes to the book designer. Sometimes, we hire separate designers for the cover and the interior. Copies of the ms are then sent to them so they can layout and present design samples. Both you and the publisher will have a say on the design of the book.


4. Proofs to CRC
      When a design has been approved, it then goes to a type- setter who’ll do the first set of proofs (1/P). This set will then go to a proofreader for the 1st read. When errors are not significant, this set with the proofreader’s marks will be sent to you for your initial review. This is the best time to correct and make major changes in the MS.
      The first proofs are then sent back to Anvil. Anvil inspects this set before returning it to the typesetter. The typesetter then works on the second set of proofs (2/P). When errors are minimal, the typesetter will output the second set of proofs as the final camera-ready copy (crc). This is sent back to the proofreader and/or to you for a  2nd read. If the errors are significant and need extra attention, a third set of proofs (3/P) is submitted by the typesetter. This is also the last time to correct the MS without it costing you.
      Simultaneous with this is the preparation of the cover. The designer (who may be different from the one who will design the interior) will do the final art, according to your and Anvil’s recommendations. S/he will submit to Anvil a complete set of mechanicals for the cover: a color hard copy of the full cover spread together with its electronic file. These mechanicals are then sent to the color separator who will submit production-ready negatives and color progressive proofs back to Anvil.
      When the crc and the cover color separation negatives are finally available, these are submitted to Anvil’s printing management assistant (pma). The PMA will review the materials, negotiate quotes with printing presses and pre-press suppliers, and prepare a costing layout to come up with a retail price of the book. When these have been done, the crc of the book is submitted to the printing press.


5. Production at the Printer’s
      One of the first assignments of the printing press upon the receipt of the crc and coveR negatives is to inspect the materials and alerts Anvil if the materials are incomplete and problematic.
      When all materials are okay, the printing press commences work on your book.


Step-by-Step: PRINTING, A Quick Guide

      Important! Printing a regular trade book takes an average of 4 weeks to finish. Titles with color photos and more elaborate designs and specifications require much more time to produce.


1. Photography and stripping
      The typeset pages and visuals are photographed to produce negatives. These negatives are then assembled as flats consisting of signatures in preparation for plate making.

2. Blueprinting
      When the flats are done, they are reproduced as blueprinted pages. A blueprint is the closest thing to a finished book we get to see at this point. A blueprint of your book will be sent to you for your signature as approval to print. The signed blueprint is returned to the press and will serve as the guide for the next steps. Costs of any changes or new corrections in the blueprint will strictly be charged to the author. It is only when the approved blueprint has been turned over to the press that the book launch  and/or other related promotional event can be planned.

3. Plate making to Printing
      The flats are cleaned up and sent to the plate maker. These flats are reproduced onto printing plates. These plates are then clamped to a printing machine where the images on plates are reproduced onto paper.

4. Binding to Finishing
      After printing, every signature that makes up a copy of the book is gathered, bound, and COVERED. Every bound and covered copy of the book is trimmed to its specified size and goes to quality control for a last cleanup and inspection.

5. Packing
      After inspection, copies of the book are packed and sent to the Anvil warehouse, ready for distribution to stores.



            Copies of your new book will usually be introduced to the public via a book launching, press announcement or a related event. They are also placed prominently in National Bookstore branches and other outlets nationwide and overseas. As author,  you are expected to help Anvil promote your book through book signing sessions, seminars or workshops, book sales, guestings on TV and radio talk shows, etc.



            Anvil takes extra care of your manuscript every step of the way. Like you, we work hard to produce a book that we hope will be referred to and talked about fondly even in the future. But working towards this goal is not always easy. There will always be factors that are hard to control like economics, time, and even the imperfection of machines and manpower.
            Anvil is always open to discuss concerns and will always find ways to troubleshoot them, but always, hopefully, with your help and understanding. After all, a well-written and attractive book on the shelf is always a collaborative effort of author and publisher.

If you are interested, please visit their website. You might be the next bestselling author!

Visual Print Enterprises is now accepting various literary genres for publication!

VISUAL PRINT ENTERPRISE, a publishing firm known for publishing books such as Bob Ong Books, KikoMachine Komiks and Zsa-Zsa Zaturnnah, is now  accepting a variety of literary genres, both in English and in Filipino for publication. However, VPE favor works that are very Pinoy in taste, evocative of our society and culture, and/or set in Philippine background.

The manuscript should be at least 90% complete upon submission of the proposal.

Intially, a Letter of Proposal is required, sent through email or via postal mail. Included in the proposal are the following:

  1. Relevant information about the author
    • Background in writing/publishing
    • Contact details
  1. Information about the manuscript
    • Brief summary
    • 2 sample chapters, or sample pages not more than 10 pages
    • Proposed design of the physical layout of the book


  1. Sales pitch
    • Target market of the book
    • Marketability

If your proposal is convincing enough, we’d request for a printed copy of the manuscript for our review. Please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope in case you’d like your manuscript returned.

Allow this publishing firm a month, at least, before sending a follow-up on your proposal.



Mga Piniratang Akda: Nakakasira sa mga baguhang manunulat!

ni Demogargon Saatbarmald

SA PAG-UNLAD NG TEKNOLOHIYA ay nakakaisip ang mga tao na gumawa ng masama. Oo. Gumawa ng masama. Dahil sa teknolohiya, lumaganap ang mga pirated na sex video, pirated DVDs… AT PATI NA RIN PIRATED NA BOOKS. Tama ang pagkakabasa mo. PIRATED BOOKS o yung mga illegal copies ng librong copyrighted.

Isa ako sa mga tagahanga ni Bob Ong (Kumpleto ang collection kong 6 na libro niya – all original) at laging updated sa mga librong ilalabas niya. Isang araw, sa hindi sinasadyang pagkakataon ay napabisita ako sa isang website na naglalaman ng mga “E-books”. Pagbukas ko sa link ay bumungad sa akin ang “E-book” ng mga libro ni Bob Ong! Sabi ko, “WOW!” ngunit napag-isip-isip kong aanhin ko pa iyon kung mayroon naman ako na bound na original copy. Sa pagreresearch ko, illegal pala ang “E-book” na ito. Ayon kay Bob Ong, wala siyang ipinapublish sa internet na PDF copy ng kanyang mga libro. Dahil dito, ang illegal ang naturang “E-book” website na iyon. At ang pamimirata ng mga libro ay nakapagpapabagsak ng mga manunulat lalo na ang mga baguhan.

Ayon sa ating batas, PLAGIARISM ang puwedeng ikaso sa mga taong nasa likod ng pamumudmod ng illegal copy ng libro. Photocopy, Scanned or PDF, lahat iyan ILLEGAL kung walang pahintulot ng may akda at ng publisher. Ang bawat akda ng isang manunulat, bago pa man mai-publish ay ipinapa-copyright ito (Sa Pilipinas, ang copyright ay isinasagawa sa Security and Exchange Commission o SEC). Ang copyright ay tumatagal mahigit 10 hanggang 100 taon. Kung gagamit ang isan tao ng copyrighted material ay maaari siyang makulong depende sa punishment ng batas. Kung excerpt lang ang gagawin sa isang copyrighted material ay kailangang humingi ng pahintulot sa may akda at sa publisher sa pamamagitan ng pagsulat ng iyong kahilingan na kumuha ng excerpt at hindi buong libro! Doon ay magkakasundo ang taong gagamit ng excerpt at ang may akda at ito ay may nakalaan na bahagi o porsiyento sa mga na-excerpt na libro.

Sa mga gumagawa ng plagiarism. Pakiusap, huwag niyo nang ituloy sapagkat makakasama ito hindi lamang sa manunulat kundi pati na rin sa inyo. Tangkilikin ang original na libro at huwag magpaloko sa mga pirated na kopya. Kung makikiisa ka, matutulungan mo ang mga nasa likod ng paglalathala ng libro.

Makiisa! Huwag magpaloko!

Submission for 2008 Palanca Awards is now closed; Wait for announcement of winners on September 1, 2008

THE SUBMISSION OF ENTRIES FOR 2008 DON CARLOS PALANCA AWARDS in literature is now officially closed last April 30, 2008. Thousands of literary entries the foundation received from different parts of the Philippines and some parts of the world. Many writer hopefuls will try their luck to achieve the prestigious literary award in the Philippines. Many who joined the awards are first time writers, and some are already veteran. But the most icy part of the awards is the Hall of Fame Award, where the foundation awards best writers who got 5 1st prize awards in the CPMA. Some of Hall of Fame Awardees are Jun Lana, a well-known script writer for movies. Best known of his works is the script entitled “Cariño Brutal” who became box office in the Philippine Cinema during the ’90’s.

Other known Palanca Awardee is Eros Atalia, who already published a book, with courtesy of Visual Print Enterprise (for more info: visit for details).

Many newbie writers also joined this year. Harry S. Parker, a Pinoy-Frenchman, joined this year with his entry “Por Ti Podria Morir (I Will Die For You) in short story category – English Division. Demogargon Saatbarmald, a student of Colegio de San Juan de Letran also joined the awards with his entry “Desperate Virgin and other Poems” (Poetry category – English Division). Others are: Jason Capaluerga (Night Shadow, short story, english); Marissa Bernardez (Queen of the Night, short story, english); Greg Mariano (Isang Pangako, short story, filipino); Fatima Buencamino (Good Days in April, poetry, english) and many others.

To all participants in this year CPMA, just cross your fingers, pray, wait for the announcement, and to those who will win, a heartwarming congratulations!