Copyright 2007

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Boredom began to conquer my life as I

Looked into the never ending night sky.

Loneliness began to attack my entire being.

I need something to do to become satisfied,

That’s why I took my fully-charged iPOD

And turned it on for my convenience.

I began to press softly the circular pads

Before I played my desired music.


First I listened to Luis Fonsi.

His voice was very sympathizing as well

As the musical instruments playing.

Abrazar la Vida. I began to realize

What is life all about—my purpose

Why I am here on earth.

Embrace your life, says Fonsi,

Even if your life is full of tragedies,

Trials, sorrows. Because of such realizations

I cried to my miserable life—my life

Who needs to be changed.


Melancholia conquers my soul again

As Luis Fonsi serenades my ears.

Because I don’t want to feel the self-pity

About my tragic destiny, I decided

To switch to Carlos Ponce.

La Razón de mi Ser. The reason of my exsistence.

The entire lyrics tickled my ears as Ponce

Delivered it with full of magic.

There, my dreams came to life in an instant.

Fantasies began to tickle my imagination.

While Ponce is singing, I fantasized

How Zuleyka Rivera is romancing me.

Dame Chocolate. I remembered her first

Telenovela called. I dreamt I am the main

Protagonist as the chocolate proprietor;

Sweet, loving, and caring.

The reason of my life is by loving her.


Damn it! I began to feel an erection!


I decided to stop my fantasies and

Imaginations so I went Greek;

That is why Michalis Hatzigiannis

Whispered to my ears.

Den Fevgo, a solemn Greek love song

Began to sprinkle magic to my ears

His voice… bedroom voice makes me

Feel better. My entire being began to

Rest for a while, having peace of mind.

Also I dreamt with my love together

While we are walking at the top of the

Starry skies. There, I began to close my eyes

And sleep to greet the next day of my life.



2 mga puna

  1. buna te potrivesti cu genesis rodriquez sa stii iam sp si asta chiar eu iei

  2. sa stii carlos ponce ca din dragoste si ciocolata se vede totul

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