Composed by Harry S. Parker (for the novel Quiero Amarte Hoy)


Nothing is everlasting, my dear

Because we do not know what might happen

By tomorrow.

We do not know what our fate will be.

Our only hope is our faith

And our unconditional love.


If I let you escaped in my arms

And never return

I will become lonely, regretful

My life will become worthless

Because my heart already yours.



I want to love you now—

To embrace you warmly

And feel my priceless love and care.

I will hold you with my hands

And savor each moment together,

Tasting your addictive kiss

Treasuring our memorable romance

Because our life is not for eternity

I want to love you now

Before our lives ended.


While we are traveling towards

Our destined paradise

I will hold you tightly

And never to let you go again.

I will give you everything

Just to prove that I am worthy inside your heart.

My body and soul is the price

Just tell me that you love me too.




I want to love you now

Because nothing is everlasting

We must cherish every second

Making love together.

Loving you is my strength

Now, you are here to fulfill my life.

I hope this is not an illusion.




I want to love you now

Because nothing is everlasting.

We must save our good memories,

Our treasured romance.



TAKEN FROM Panitikan.com.ph

The deadline for submission of entries to Gawad Likhaan: The University of the Philippines Centennial Literary Prize has been extended to April 30, 2008, Wednesday, at 5 p.m.

Gawad Likhaan was created by the UP Centennial Commission to celebrate the University’s 100th year. It is administered by Likhaan: The UP Institute of Creative Writing (UP-ICW).

There are six awards, each one worth Php 200,000, for original, book-length works in English or Filipino in three categories: the novel or short story collection; poetry collection; and full-length work or collection of creative nonfiction or sanaysay.

The competition is open to all Filipino citizens (including Filipinos holding dual citizenship), except for members of the UP-ICW and its staff.

Only one prize per category will be awarded. Authors may submit only one entry per category. Works which have already been awarded a prize in other contests are not eligible. Subject or theme is open.

The complete rules are available at the UP-ICW office in UP Diliman. They have also been uploaded at Likhaan’s website, http://upd.edu.ph/~icw/ and http://panitikan.com.ph, the Philippine literary portal hosted by the Institute.

All entries to the contest are to be submitted to the Board of Judges, Likhaan: The UP Institute of Creative Writing, Faculty Center, UP Diliman. The names of the winners and the members of the board of judges will be announced towards the end of June 2008.

Palanca Awards 2008 Downloadable Forms

If you are intersted to join 2008 Palanca Awards in Literature, you must accomplish these forms together your submitting piece at the new CPMA address.

ENTRY FORM (Right click and Save-as)



Deadline of submission of entries is on April 30, 2008, 12 midnight.

Is there a 58th Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards in Literature 2008?

By the way, young writers are now wondering if there is a Palanca competition for the year 2008. They are asking due to no links appeared in the search bars like Google and Yahoo for the year 2008. The official website of the palanca awards was still under construction.

If there is still a competition for 2008, entries will be accepted until 12 midnight of April 30, 2008.

The theme for this year’s Kabataan Essay category is still unknown. By the way,  he Kabataan Informal Essay is a special category open to persons below 18 years of age. Palanca awardees who have won four (4) first prizes in this category are bestowed with the Kabataan Award of Distinction.

The Short Story category is open in English, Filipino, and the Regional Languages (Hiligaynon, Iluko, Cebuano). The Futuristic Fiction, Short Story for Children, Essay, Poetry, One-act Play, and Full-length Play categories are open in the English and Filipino divisions. The Teleplay and Screenplay categories are open only in the Filipino division.

Entries may be submitted in person at or sent by courier service to Carlos Palanca Foundation:

One World Square Building
#10 Upper McKinley Road
McKinley Town Center
Fort Bonifacio, 1634 Taguig City

 All entries submitted via e-mail should be transmitted not later than midnight of April 30, 2008. E-mailed entries should be in RTF (Rich Text Format) or a Word document file and should be sent as an attachment, together with the author’s bio-data and a scanned copy of the notarized authorization form.

Complete contest rules and official entry forms are available at the Carlos Palanca Foundation office or through e-mail:



or palancaawards@yahoo.com – to get authorization and official entry forms.

For inquiries, please call 856-0808

Fax: 856-5005

Be a Palanca Laureatte!!!


by Demogargon Saatbarmald. Copyright 2007.

First seen in the book The Sex Goddess and other Poems

Romans saw him again

Escaping from the crowded Galleria Spada

Wearing a pure white toga

With sparkling green laurels

Crowned on his head

While the berries and grapes he held

Began to rot and became useless.


As he escaped the Galleria

Vicolo del Polverone turned black.

He began to seduce men and women

Whom he met on his way.

The streets became muddy

While his feet stepped slowly

Turning every weird and innocent people

To deluge in muddy dungeon.


The Malato waited his moment

Until his journey came to an end

Skies turned dark and foggy

While walking through the curved streets;

Then he joined to the other demons

Who are feasting outside the streets.


As the men and women saw him,

Their eyes turned disgusted.

What a Bacchino Malato do in

Downtown Rome?

They guessed that Caravaggio has a problem

At the time the Malato was born.

Because of his weird appearance

The beauty of the city faded.


The Bacchino Malato exaggeratedly

Sways his deep inner soul

While walking alone towards

His undetermined destination;

Ignoring his perfectionist critics

Letting them to be exhausted.


The Malato wanted to change his old looks

And transformed it into more elegant ones

He finally decided to shop for a while

With the other nude demons on his way.


He went first to Dolce and Gabbana

But he had not tasted any of the garments

Too extravagant but not on his taste.

The next stop is Laura Biagotti.

Again, he hated the garmnents

Too luxurious but not on his taste

The Malato shook his head.


The third stop is the Prada

There, he saw many chicest and

Coolest clothes for all sexes

Like they were worn by the Gods and Goddesses

Yet he only shook his head.

All he wanted is to glisten his beauty

Above and very different from others.


Final stop is the Versace.

Instead of going to Via Borgognona,

He went to Via Bocca di Leone.

There, he saw many elegant and

Subversive styles of clothing

That matches his tastes and preferences.


The Malato chose the red, sparkling dress

That is matched to all sexes.

People closed their eyes because of pain

As the Malato wore the Versace dress.

Sparkling renascence of the attire

Does not matched on their eyes.


The Bacchino Malato decided to go home

While wearing the official dress of the Inferno

The surroundings were engulfed with fire.

While walking towards his crowded home,

People were deluged in pain.

The grapes, berries and the

Green laurels on his head

Melted and turned into blood.


Finally, the Galleria Spada

Came to his senses.

At last, he was at home and

He returned to his figure;

Sitting affectionately beside a

Wooden table with rotten berries and

He posed like a desperate virgin.

Now, he is wearing a Versace trademark

Yet his entire body and soul didn’t change.

(Also seen in E-manila Poetry Website www.emanilapoetry.com)



by April Lyn Peñaflorida, Letran

Copyright 2007, Intraknight

Kampihan o isahan

Laro’y pinagtatalunan

Sa laranga’y may tagisan

Ng kanya-kanyang kakayahan.


Sa palakasan o katalunuhan

Pangalan mo’y nakalaan

Bigo man sa’yong nakaraan

May pag-asa sa kasalukuyan.


Nangunguna man o nahuhuli

Kailangan ang pagpupursigi

Huwag pabayaang magapi

Sa panalo’y malaki ang maiuuwi.

Buhay Kolehiyo

ni Joyce Anne Balcita, Letran

Copyright 2007

Ang buhay ng estudyante’y sadyang kakaiba.

Minsa’y masarap, minsa’y puno ng problema.

Ika’y matututong mag-isa at makisama.

Sa mga pagsubok sa iba’t ibang asignatura.


Nagsisimula ang magandang samahan

Mula sa simpleng kwentuhan ng karanasan.

Iba’t ibang guro ang makikilala

Na magbibigay sa’yo ng lungkot at saya.


Sa paglipas ng panahon

Kaalama’y patuloy na yumayabong

Dito nahuhubog yaring kaalaman

Patungo sa magandang kinabukasan.


May karanasang puro kalokohan

At dito’y may aral na kapupulutan.

Kolehiyo ma’y pahirap sa aking buhay

Sa magandang bukas ito’y nagsilbing tulay.