Submission for 2008 Palanca Awards is now closed; Wait for announcement of winners on September 1, 2008

THE SUBMISSION OF ENTRIES FOR 2008 DON CARLOS PALANCA AWARDS in literature is now officially closed last April 30, 2008. Thousands of literary entries the foundation received from different parts of the Philippines and some parts of the world. Many writer hopefuls will try their luck to achieve the prestigious literary award in the Philippines. Many who joined the awards are first time writers, and some are already veteran. But the most icy part of the awards is the Hall of Fame Award, where the foundation awards best writers who got 5 1st prize awards in the CPMA. Some of Hall of Fame Awardees are Jun Lana, a well-known script writer for movies. Best known of his works is the script entitled “Cariño Brutal” who became box office in the Philippine Cinema during the ’90’s.

Other known Palanca Awardee is Eros Atalia, who already published a book, with courtesy of Visual Print Enterprise (for more info: visit for details).

Many newbie writers also joined this year. Harry S. Parker, a Pinoy-Frenchman, joined this year with his entry “Por Ti Podria Morir (I Will Die For You) in short story category – English Division. Demogargon Saatbarmald, a student of Colegio de San Juan de Letran also joined the awards with his entry “Desperate Virgin and other Poems” (Poetry category – English Division). Others are: Jason Capaluerga (Night Shadow, short story, english); Marissa Bernardez (Queen of the Night, short story, english); Greg Mariano (Isang Pangako, short story, filipino); Fatima Buencamino (Good Days in April, poetry, english) and many others.

To all participants in this year CPMA, just cross your fingers, pray, wait for the announcement, and to those who will win, a heartwarming congratulations!


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