IntraKnight: Letran Literary Journal

IntraKnight, the Letran literary journal began with the program of former dean of College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Dr. Lucita Villegas. The journal aims to create awareness and identity as Filipino Letranites to promote culture and nationalism towards greater excellence.

Editorial Board:

Anna Czarina Casimiro, Editor-in-chief


Hare Krishna Senga

Apple Jane Bernardino

Maria Cecilia Buyoc

Ralph Razel Cesa

Denny de Guzman

Mary Joy Domingo

Dianne Marie Hernandez

Ryan Charles Hernando

Jaeger Jermaine Jordan

Cyprus Jake Malinao

Marites Mirasol

Joseph Santos


Dr. Racquel Espiritu

Prof. James Fajarito


3 mga puna

  1. Hello

    I like Your blog. It is very interesting. Do You have RSS I would add to my favorites.
    Let me know when it will be ready. Kee it UP.

  2. Great post!

  3. Kaya pala… Im a letranknight too…

    great post!

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