The torches of triumph raised up high

Blazing fires reaching the indigo sky

Warm breeze came from God’s Kingdom

now embraces every walls of the old city

White gringos and God’s amigos now

raising up their crosses with pride,

for the crosses they held will shine upon

the heavens

defeating the lonely, fading sunset

It will also typify new era

not only to the old city

but also to the whole virgin island.


As the faith triumphs among the pagans,

centuries past, a monument was built

made of high quality bronze from Spain

and reshaped by the skillful hands from Europe

This monument symbolizes the spirit,

the identity given to the gentiles—of

being God’s followers,

slaves of God’s followers.


The monument was erected within the city

named after John the Baptist

Joannes Est Nomen Eius! They all shouted

as the city gains its identity

from being a king to a useless slave

Built by using tons of bronze metal, this

monument always received kisses from

numerous waves,

kisses of welcome and protest

Numerous thunders also paid reverence

making the statues deformed

but these statues made of bronze remains so

strong, that it will recognize a memorial for

real kings, venerated with deep holiness.


Today, standing up high, proudly representing

the whole island

These four statues of deceit and monocracy

stayed in its deformed figure

The history repeated to the inhabitants

of the rich port:

All of them  still chained tightly from

their hands and feet

Freedom is still not present

Nationalism still in its old place—nothing

Still dependent and useless…

Still remained as a colony

but now of the empire of the

milk and honey.


The flaming torches were already faded

There is no triumph anymore

and these bronze statues are now infesting

with destructive, fatal rusts.


Dirtier than ever.


SAINT LIEM’S STATUE (To Rodio Batayen)

by Demogargon Saatbarmald

Almost I lost my hope and dreams

And attempted to commit suicide.

All I wanted is to end my tragic life

Because of these trenching memories.

The world now hates me;

They all blamed me!

I am very sorry, but they didn’t listen to me!

Instead they threw me in a dark, void

Place where no one living person beside me—

Only this lifeless, smiling statue of Saint Liem.


I envied Saint Liem because he’s smiling

Despite of terrible miseries I felt.

He’s still standing up high

Even if the stars already faded in the skies.

He can’t see anything except this void darkness

Yet this statue, the most venerated statue

Remains so strong

While I am in grieve infliction.


I know he’s only a statue, a lifeless piece

Yet I envied this statue because he can’t

Feel my sorrows…

The sentiments of my broken heart.


Now I’m all alone, sitting behind

These decaying lockers while gazing the

Brackish water at the Colegio’s pond.

I cried sorrowfully, loosing my star of hope

Yet this numb Saint Liem’s statue

Continuously insulting me—

Now laughing while staring at the

Dark, polluted skies.