Panitikan News: Bob Ong to release his new book this May 1, 2009

After hundreds of thousands of BobOng books being published and sold in the Philippines, Bob Ong, a reknown anonymous writer comes out with his new book to be released on May 1, 2009, cpurtesy of his publisher, Visual Print Enterprise.

According to the teaser made by Visprint Enterprise, Bob Ong’s new book might be a short fiction about a new Filipino Superhero. Yet, the publisher released no other information about Bob Ong’s new book.

Visitors of Visprint Enterprise official website watched the embedded YouTube video about the teaser of Bob Ong’s new book. They noticed that it emphasizes a new Filipino Superhero of the new century together with the word “Sino”.

Meanwhile, Visprint Enterprise guaranteed to the Bob Ong fans that the new book will be entertaining, bound with moral lessons. Bob Ong’s trademark will remain, said one of the Visprint staff.

Or watch the teaser by clicking here.

Can’t wait?


8 mga puna

  1. wow excited na talaga ko sa bagong book ni bob ong…uhmmm any idea kung ano ang title ng book?

  2. mukhang nakakapanabik!

  3. “kapitan sino” daw ang title..
    abangaN! hihihi
    PM nyo qu pag my idea na sa 1st chapter..

  4. KAPITAN SINO—–kulay brown. wahaha. nakita ko sa 2009 calendar ng National Bookstore.=))

  5. @ Carl Adrion:

    oo nga, napansin din namin. May naional bookstore calendar din kami. 🙂

  6. sumusulat din ako ng totoong mga bagay….

    isang araw” mababasa ng lahat ang sinusulat ko…

  7. wow…ngayon ko lang nalaman na may bago na…
    cant wait…excited na ako…

  8. weeew. i cant wait for it.

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