Angel in the Wind

by: Demogargon Saatbarmald, Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. 

I saw the angel of my dreams.

Descending from the dimmed sky.

Bright aura occupied her resplendent beauty.

Her wings are as pure white as snow,

While bringing love and hope to the burden land.


She is free like the wind

Floating and flying weightlessly

While her soul clamoring

In the sky full of chaos.

She is there, bringing the light

With her heart who is full of grace

Hope, love and prosperity

For the enlightenment of every burden lives.


She descended to the land

And she gave charity to the lost ones

After giving joy to the flock,

She flied again against the wind.

But before she left, she promised,

“I will come back soon!”

If someone lost of track

She will return again

To bring love, peace and joy

To the burden land.


Her promise is full of

Fragrance of hope.

I knew she will come back,

Bringing happiness once again.

The angel in the wind

Will descend from the sky

To help the needy, lost ones;

And she will give again

The sparkling light

Of eternal happiness

To the ones who lives

In the burden land.


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